Adventures in Sverchok’s Generative Art Node

I’ve always been fascinated by fractals, recursion and the like. So when I found the Generative Art node (a port of Structure Synth) in the Sverchok add-on for Blender, I had to give it a go.

There’s lots of information and help here:

Examples of what you can do in Structure Synth are in the Flickr group  here:


Anyway, I thought I’d document some of my attempts, just in case it’s of any interest/use to anyone. So here goes…

20171213 – White Tori

20171213 White Tori

Starting Point Example:

Sverchok Nodes:

20171213 bubbles_sv_nodes

XML Eisenscript:


<rules max_depth="10">    
    <rule name="entry">        
         <call rule="R1"/>    

    <rule name="R1">
        <call count="6" transforms="ry 60" rule="endsphere"/>
        <instance transforms="sa 2" shape="sphere"/>    

    <rule name="endsphere">
        <call transforms="tz 1 ty -1 ry 60 sa 0.6" rule="R1"/>    

This is a case of changing a few values in the original script to see what would happen and then swapping the object from a sphere to a torus. Not very exciting, but at least it worked. 🙂

In the Sverchok nodes, I baked the mesh, rotated it all 90° (I’m guessing the original script is for a Y-up orientation unlike Blender which is Z-up), added a basic material and background and rendered at 2000 samples.


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