Fun with GEO Editor

20180712 - Geometric Spikes

Geometric Spikes – Mesh from GEO-Editor. Rendered in Blender 2.79.

I watched one of’s mini documentaries today about the Geometric Art of Bradley G Munkowitz (aka GMUNK). It pointed me to a web app he uses called GEO Editor which he created in collaboration with Marcin Ignac.
He creates geometric shapes, exports them as OBJ files and renders them in Maya – often from the inside. I decided to give it a go with Blender instead of Maya and it’s quite fun.
I even made a 360 from inside one of the spike shapes. They spikes look like starfishes – 🙂

Anyone who enjoys playing with things like Structure Synth will enjoy messing around with this. It’s great that they shared it with everyone.

GEO Editor link with GMUNK examples:



GEO Editor screen capture

Compositing a Caption in Blender

20180222 Strange Attractors_012

This  post is an aide-memoire for myself more than anything else. I was playing with the Strange Attractor Blender Add-on a few days ago and wanted a simple way to remember which attractor I had used in each render. After reading quite a lot of forum posts, here’s the method I used. I doubt it’s the most efficient and some of the steps might not even be essential, but it’s what worked for me. Continue reading

Preparing Eisenscript for the XML Translator

I mentioned in the Translating Nabla post that I’ve been using Elfnor‘s Eisenscript-to-XML python script to quickly translate Structure Synth Eisenscript files into the XML format needed for the Sverchok Generative Art node.

After various attempts, I’ve come up with a set of rules to prepare a Structure Synth Eisenscript for the XML translator to avoid the dreaded, “I don’t understand the eisenscript” message.

Continue reading